For every need the right solution

ServIm offers its services to many kinds of businesses
operating in the fields of transportation and logistics.

Our aim:

To consent the constant monitoring of vehicles, people and cargos, ensuring their safety, especially in cargo high-risk theft cases.

Our services represent an added value for those operating in goods transportation, and can also give you significant discounts with insurance companies, since you can be supported 365 days a year, 24 hours a day by armed security professionals in collaboration with police forces and public first aid units.

Real time monitoring of your fleet.

Control in case of theft of the vehicle and/or the cargo.
Car rental
Report about times, routes, areas.

Security and integrated logistics for your fleet.
Protection against total or partial theft.

Security Project: SleepSafe H24.
Localization and assistance for tractor and lone workers.

Movement control, anti-theft.
Vehicles protection against theft.

Fuel consumption and guide style management.
Security and monitoring of the transported goods.

Control and Localization of the vehicles on the road.
Real time tracking of the garbage trucks.

Routes control and working time analysis.
Heavy machinery
Anti-theft and time slot/calendar management.

Excise duties and working reports,
Fuel consumption and driving style management.

Digital tachograph (report and analysis).

Temperature control and report (cold chain).
Personal Assistance
GPS Localization of the person.

Personal safeguarding.

Man-down devices.

With ServIm your security is in good hands.



Web Localization
Real time tracking of your vehicles from a WEB portal, downloading of reports about routes and stops. Optimized research for areas, vehicles plates and groups of work.

On demand services
Localization from WEB portal and possibility of on demand intervention by our operation centre, in case of theft/car crash or other type of emergency. Possibility of alerting the police forces and/or the ambulance.


Driver assistance
WEB portal for localization and connection with the operation centre for the management of Panic Button (eCall) – Assault alarmAnti-theft alarm SOS

Cargo monitoring
Car door and truck protection activated by remote controller or secret code.


Driving in complete safety
Routes controlTarget area management (mandatory stops) – Max Security Protocol

Heavy machinery and parking
Heavy machinery and agriculture vehicles – Time slot and calendar management – Target area management – Campers and motorhomes storage – Long stops monitoring


Spy Box (long-lasting and highly efficient) – Personal Assistance (GPS localization) – Trailer, semi-trailer and container controlSecurity products and software for integrated logistics control

Telemetry and consumptions
Telemetric controls of fuel consumption and driving styles (CANBUS) – Digital tachograph (report km/Firm/driver DDD management) – Cold chain (tracking and monitoring of temperature controlled transports)

Coverage area

Our services are active in all EU countries, thanks to our network of qualified partners and/or the companies part of the group CDO (Civis Polska and Civis Paza).

Zone di copertura del servizio

Servizio erogato su tutto il territorio europeo, attraverso partner qualificati o società del gruppo CDO (Civis Polska e Civis Paza).